You can do more than just Rent

When home buyers are unable to qualify for a mortgage yet, it can seem like you have no choice but to live in someone else's rental, dealing with unsatisfactory maintenance and little of the long term security you need to settle down into your community. Our Lease Option Home Buying Program allows you to rent your house with a step by step purchase plan, so you can live in a house you and your family call home.

STEP 1 - Application

Once you send in an application, we will contact you and assess if we can set you up to successfully complete our Home Buying Program.

STEP 2 - Find Your Home

Shop listings and once you find a place you like, we make offers and try to buy it for you at a reasonable price.


Move in and follow the step by step program to become a home owner!

Dedicated To Your Success!

We are committed to helping you achieve home ownership through our Lease Option Program. Our mission is to provide you with a personalized plan, so you don’t have to wait to live in a home you want to own.

Available for any home of your choice!

The program is available for any residential home that is for sale on MLS or privately. Once you are approved for the program you will be able to look at houses you like that are for sale, and if we can get it for the right price we will buy it and rent to own it to you!


Sign up for more information and submit an application!

You will be contacted with a free consultation so you can see if the program is right for you!